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Hanover Day Performers

June 29, 2009

This was probably out of date before I posted it, but what the heck . . .

We couldn’t possibly pay for the range of talent we get on Hanover Day, so we’re really grateful that so many agree to perform for the minimal expenses we offer. We’re still waiting to hear if some great acts are available. And, of course, we can’t guarantee that those we know about will be able to come on the day.

This year, 6 sound stages will showcase a stunning range of local talent, including (probably):

  • The Dates
  • The Diablos
  • Tim Squire
  • Redeemers
  • Senior Service
  • The Creaking Chair
  • Dr Pump
  • Sweet Charlotte
  • Bethlehem Slouch
  • Slimshack
  • Friday Night Heros
  • Mamaloshn
  • Tom Nancarrow
  • Rob Abbott
  • Mel’s  all Stars
  • Drookit Dogs
  • Coast Line Harmony Choir
  • Kate’s Kitchen Band
  • Mr Eugine
  • Brighton Morris Men

And young bands:

  • Ro Ocean
  • Perry Hutchinson
  • Error
  • Crowd Control

And a few surprises we are still trying to secure. Should be a great day!

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