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Meeting on 5th March 2009

March 10, 2009

There were lots of us there, in spite of apologies from Cara, Iain, Jan,Chris, Stephen and others. And straight away we were sidetracked from the agenda.

“Would you like a street ceilidh as well as your normal quota of Morris dancers? They come with all their own equipment”, offered Mark from Kate’s Kitchen Band and Brighton Morris.

Did we say “Yes”? Of course we did.

The most important business was to introduce our new organiser – Sarah Atkins – appointed the day before. Sarah is already thinking about things we should be doing, and others started joining in with their ideas too, such as:

  • A Facebook page
  • Roping in students, including the Active project
  • Putting together a quick WordPress web site (Eleanor has already written material for a web site)
  • Clothes swaps and book swaps
  • Smiles are offering either sponsorship or to run a children’s area
  • Raffles (Sarah thinks she can get BeachDown tickets as one of the prizes)
  • Chris’s plans for the People’s Republic of Hanover to issue passports that give privileges on the day
  • Anna Moulson is keen to organise Hanover Night in the local pubs

We talked about making the day more young-person-friendly, and quite a few ideas were put forward, including:

  • Using our contacts with the Woodcraft Folk
  • Using our schools liaison officer to talk to students
  • Giving younger bands an opportunity to play in the Hanover Fest event the day before – maybe giving the best band a spot on Hanover Day
  • One of the younger people in the meeting has connections with Squeezebox

Lots of ideas for Sarah and the volunteer support group to look into!

We talked about our finances again – they look sounder, and there is more to come in from fund-raising events.

  • Cara is getting on with the grant applications and Steve is trying to get all of the information together that she needs.
  • Cllr Bill Randall has talked the Guinness Partnership into promising a donation
  • Cllr Vicky Wakefield-Jarrett suggested the Waitrose local fund, and Eleanor took an application form away
  • A schools cake sale was suggested
  • Eleanor is planning an Easter fund-raiser
  • Susie suggested a family quiz night at the Hanover Centre
  • The Brown Stripes are playing for us at the Hanover Centre on Saturday 21st March

We agreed a couple of smaller meetings to sort out some of the detail from this meeting, and agreed that for the time being we will hold our open meetings fortnightly.

The next meeting will be at the Hanover Centre, 33 Southover Street, from 7.oopm to 8.00pm, on 19th March 2009. Anyone interested in Hanover Day is welcome.

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  1. March 13, 2009 11:41 am

    This is great –
    well up for the young bands competition! – any one that wants to help make it happen?

    General update from last nights strategic meeting –

    Lots of juggling and head scratching felt like trying to squeeze a square thing into a round whole.

    Outcomes Hanover Day will happen!!!

    Size? Scale? Activities? Fundraising?

    Its up to you all to help – so we can answer these questions and make it a fun & active day.

    Looking forward…

  2. Sarah permalink
    March 17, 2009 2:44 pm

    Hi all

    hello from the new Hanover Day Coordinator!

    I’m trying to contact as many people as possible at present to find out all your ideas for Hanover Day, as well as fundraising events. And of course we’re always after volunteers!

    Do please contact me if you do have any ideas or would like to get involved in any way. I’d love to hear from you!

    I look forward to seeing many of you again tomorrow night.



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