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Meeting on 19th February 2009

March 10, 2009

We had a meeting at the Hanover Centre on 19th February to see if we felt confident of going ahead with Hanover Day 2009 taking into account the work to be done before July and the financial implications.

  • The meeting considered a draft budget. It is very provisional, and needs to be refined over the coming week, but it is a starting point for planning. The Church brought a bucket of donations to add to the account (£170.85 raised while carol-singing in the local pubs!). We agreed that we should try to deliver the event at the suggested cost level.
  • Eleanor Stoddart agreed to take on the role of Chair, on the assumption that the current Chair would be prepared to take on the role of Vice-Chair following Fr. Steven’s unfortunate need to resign.
  • We decided to negotiate an agreement with our event producers Harmony in the Community as soon as possible so that we have a fixed fee for this year and a clear package of outcomes for them to deliver within our overall target cost for the event.
  • We agreed to consider any proposal from Harmony about extending the site beyond Coleman Street, Washington Street and The Greys, but only if that is definitely deliverable within our cost target.
  • We considered a funding strategy from our fund-raiser Cara Courage. Concerns were raised about the cost of fund-raising as a proportion of the amount to be raised, and the need to keep those costs under control.
  • We agreed that we should appoint an organiser to co-ordinate volunteers and deliver the HDA’s side of Hanover Day (including working with local bands and performers to fill slots on the sound stages and possibly street performance). There was a strong preference for the job to go to someone from Hanover or close nearby. Given the need to act quickly, we agreed that we would approach those potential organisers who are already known to us. We delegated the power to make the appointment to a panel consisting of Hamish, Iain, Alex and Eleanor. Eleanor will make arrangements for a time and date to suit everyone involved, and we would expect the person to begin work as soon as possible.
  • The cash-flow situation will be tight and we need to manage the financial risks carefully. It was agreed that all commitments should be subject to a review in May, and that we have to reserve the right to cancel all further work and financial commitments if in our judgement it is not safe or responsible to continue.
  • It was agreed that we need to do more to include young people in the planning for Hanover Day and to make sure that there is the right mix of activities on the day.
  • There was discussion of fund-raising ideas and an offer of sponsorship. These ideas will all need developing in the next couple of meetings, and with the new organiser.
  • Eleanor agreed to begin contacting the volunteers on our database to make sure that we know their current availability and interests.
  • We agreed to hold the next 2 meetings at fortnightly intervals and then to decide how often to meet in future. The next 2 meetings will be on Thursday 5th March, Hanover Centre, 7pm to 8pm, and Thursday 19th March, Hanover Centre, 7pm to 8pm. These are open meetings for anyone with an interest in Hanover Day. Please try to arrive on time so that younger members can get away by 8pm.
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